Vines and their cultivation have been intimately linked to the history of Bedoin for centuries. Indeed, the Gallo-Roman ruins in the village bear witness to their presence since ancient times and in fact the word ‘Bedoin’ means ‘cradle of wine’.
The first to grow vines in the region were the monks at Montmajour Abbey. Powerful families then helped the wines of Ventoux to acquire, as of the 13th century, a notoriety comparable at the time to that of the wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Over the centuries, this winegrowing activity developed and became an intrinsic part of the history and culture of this territory of Ventoux.
Some centuries later, in 1924, the winegrower families who shared this rich heritage and this attachment to their terroir decided to group together and to found the winegrowers’ cooperative ‘Les Vignerons du Mont Ventoux’.


Mont Ventoux was designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1990 and its terroirs are tended with respect for nature and the region’s cultural and historic heritage. It is here in one of the coolest microclimates of the southern Rhône Valley that our vines, perched at an altitude of between 200 and 500 metres, benefit from the natural protection that the ‘Giant of Provence’ offers against the strong Mistral wind. Bathed in the Provencal sun, they flourish on the southwestern slopes of Mont Ventoux in soil made up of hard limestone and ancient alluvium which gives our wines their unique fresh and fruity aromas.

On the slopes of Mont Ventoux, the Mediterranean and Alpine worlds meet in a flurry of green and white oaks, cedars, beeches, larches, and pine trees, and it is undoubtedly this prolific plant and animal life that gives our wines their authenticity and personality. Inspired by this proliferation, our red wines are supple and rich in aromas, ranging from red berries and spices to leather, liquorice and truffle. In their wake, our fresh rosés with their lovely length on the palate offer up notes of cherry, raspberry and flowers, while our white wines are characterised by the fragrances of iris, acacia, and citrus. Our wines are made according to methods combining age-old know-how and modern techniques, aged with loving care, and bottled in our cellars. They are created with respect for our winegrowing tradition and expertise, with, always, Ventoux in our soul…


Our vineyards stretch out around 12 villages, including Bedoin, Flassan, Saint Pierre de Vassols, Crillon le Brave, Caromb, Villes sur Auzon, Mormoiron, and Carpentras, covering 1000 hectares, 820 in AOC Ventoux and 180 in IGP Méditerranée with respectively 45 hectolitres/hectare and 65 hectolitres/hectare of annual yield. Our knowledge and experience of the land and terroirs allows us to offer you a wide range of taste sensations thanks to our different ranges. With the so-called ‘entry-level’ range, wines representative of their terroir, which are more complex, and our more prestigious ranges, we reveal the full potential of our appellations day after day.
Within this diversity, the red wines of VMV in AOC Ventoux are made with the varietals Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Marselan, and the rosés with the varietals Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan and Syrah. The white wines are made with Grenache blanc, Clairette, Roussanne and Bourboulenc. For the IGP Méditerranée, the reds come from Merlot vines, the rosés from Muscat vines, and the white wines from Viognier, Chardonnay and Vermentino. Just like the giant that protects them, the wines of our appellations rise high, with great variation and nuances… simply majestic!


At VMV we are convinced that winegrowing in harmony with nature is the best way to reveal the expression of a terroir, guarantee the sustainability of production, and make great wines. So, in 2007 we launched a sustainable development approach to encourage our winegrowers and our staff to understand and minimise the impact of their work on the environment. This approach also encompasses respect for social rights, good governance of employees, and consideration of what is important to consumers today. This commitment is a real achievement for ‘Les Vignerons du Mont Ventoux’ and symbolises our values and those of our profession. Vineyards in excellent health, a preserved environment, and better wines prove that this approach really works.

Educational plot

We have established a conservatory plot that we cultivate following the organic farming principles. It includes more than 20 different grape varieties, thus highlighting our ecosystem.

Eco-friendly packagings

We use lighter bottles, kraft paperboard, and have increased the number of layers on empty bottle pallets for instance.

Water saving

We have developed recycling and water saving facilities within the winery


Making high quality wine demands not only patience and precision but also a shared vision. Over the years, since our beginnings in 1924, ‘Les Vignerons du Mont Ventoux’ have earned their place on the French and international markets thanks to their energy and their innovations. Pioneers in an evolving landscape with great undiscovered potential still to be revealed, the men and women of Mont Ventoux set trends by offering generous, sun-drenched wines that are the proud ambassadors of their appellation. Our wines are real products of the Mediterranean way of life and are made to be savoured in a relaxed and convivial ambiance. There is no doubt that you will enjoy tasting them as much as we do!


    Our board of directors is our governing body. It is composed of a President, currently Yves Favier and a Vice-President, Philippe Anres, and 17 winegrowers administrators. The board defines the objectives and strategic orientations and exercises control over the activity.


    VMV is above all 100 cooperative winegrowers keen to unite their know-how and experience and pool the production means to share strong values and a collective future


    I have evolved in the wine industry since my childhood and destiny has led me naturally to the marketing of AOC Ventoux wines. General Manager within VMV, I also assume the functions of Sales Director France and Export.
    Passionate, determined, rigorous, I put the HUMAN at the heart of my commercial relations and my managerial commitment.


    Our team is made up of around twenty men and women, all striving towards a common aim: to satisfy your expectations and requirements. The team is firmly rooted in the terroir but always looking towards the future.